A subsection of the INNOVATION in Industry™ series wss the 2015 INNOVATION in Industry™ mini mobile office project. This initiative focused on Building Performance: advancing both energy and space efficiency research, as well as public and industry education.

From our tremendously successful Harmony-House.ca Initiative, we launched into the creation of our mini mobile home/ office.
As in the Harmony-House.ca project we filmed the entire process of construction, highlighting industry leadership, and the attributes of each of the superior performing products used in this public and building industry research and education initiative.


The design of the project far exceeds the performance of the typical container home/ office. Starting with the additional of a 4″ Flatbar to the interior walls structural engineer Kimi Ito adds a rigid structural element to create the base of the wall assembly.

The average container bottom has open joists whereas the mini mobile office features a closed floor design which inhibits moisture intrusion.

The wall assembly of our previous project “The Harmony House“, makes use of the incredible insulating value provided by Panasonic Vacuum Insulation Panels (VIPS). In the Eco-Innovation House the VIPS technology (approximately R-63 per inch) is combined with spray foam (approximately R-6.5 per inch) to reduce moisture, and Roxul Comfortboard IS (approximately R-5 per inch) for its insulating, VIP’s protection, and sound dampening attributes.

The use of no VOC products like MagO Building Products “Magnesium Wall Board”, helps increase fire safety and livability; protecting occupants from insects, unwanted VOC chemicals, and mold or mildew.

High Tech instrumentation including super high efficiency Liebherr refrigeratorPanasonic Heat and Air Conditioning UnitPanasonic Energy Recovery Ventilator, and lightweight Nuheat floor mats, are powered by Canadian Solar cs6x-p 72 cell Solar Panels, Schneider Electric Conext XW+NA Inverter, Simpliphi Power EOS 2 Lithium Ferrous Phosphate (LFP) batteries, and EnOcean Switching Technology provided by Echoflex Solutions, system design consulting by Vancouver Renewable Energy and Electrical System installation by Feeny Power.

The project design and performance is being monitored by SMT Research and the BCIT Building Centre of Excellence.


Executive Producer:  Jason Robinson / SustainabilityTelevision.com
Net-Zero Design Consultant:  Chris Mattock / Harmony-House.ca
Tiny Home Design Consultant:  John McFarlane / CameraBuildings.com
Building Science:  Rodrigo Mora / BCIT Building Science Centre of Excellence
Structural Engineer:  Kimi Ito / k-ito.ca
Net-Zero Building Advisor:  Arthur Lo / insightful.ca

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